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This course will teach users how to create and configure task lists. It will teach users how to create and edit a new template as well as how to use that template on a protocol. Read More

OnCore Biospecimen Management (BSM) helps you manage specimens collected for both banking and correlative studies. Navigate through this module for an overview of available functionality to help manage your banking and correlative protocols. Read More

The Specimen Collection Console houses all biospecimen data in OnCore; it is a robust tool where users can create and update specimen records. In this lesson you will learn how to access specimen records and how information is displayed in the console.  Read More

Protocols in OnCore must have subjects registered to them, and banking and correlative protocols are no exception. This lesson will show you how to register patients to each type of protocol and highlight the differences and similarities between these workflows. Read More

This lesson will show you how to create specimens in OnCore both using Specimen Collection Configurations and manually. It will also discuss how to update specimen records. Read More

Working Lists allow users to work with specimens across different protocols, patients, and cases, all from a single console. This lesson will show you how to create and manage working lists, as well as how to use lists to update and edit specimens. Read More

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