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Advarra Train the Trainer will take place virtually in August 2022.  This course is designed to help trainers develop software training curricula and hone their training delivery skills. The course will also provide you with a chance to collaborate with other members of the Onsemble community to discuss training successes and challenges. Train the Trainer is a course about how to deliver training for Advarra technology solutions. The Advarra Technology Training Team will guide learners through best practices for curriculum development and training delivery. The course is not specific to one Advarra technology and open to anyone at Advarra’s technology solution customers. There is no formal amount of time required as a trainer to be in this course. Class Schedule: Web session 1: August 8 10-1 CT Web session 2: August 10 10-1 CT Web session 3: August 15 10-1 CT Web session 4: August 17 10-1 CT Capstone Presentations: August 19   Read More

The Validation Overview module will cover predicate rules, 21 CFR Part 11, due diligence, validation, and validation maintenance for Advarra products. Read More

This interactive course outlines the change control processes you may follow for validated products. In this course, the change control process is demonstrated in the context of an application upgrade. Read More

This course introduces learners to navigation in Advarra EDC.  Read More

These exercises follow Advarra EDC Live Training   The training consists of an approximately 3 hour live web-based training session composed of a few different chapters: Protocol Setup, including creating a protocol, building a calendar/visits, assigning staff, and opening the study Forms Administration, including creating a form, discussion on different section and field types, and how to add constraints to forms Administrator overview, including creating organization and contact records, understanding roles, and managing users Additionally, you should also complete the e-learning module in our learning management system on subject data management, which includes completing subject forms, querying the data on forms, and exporting case report forms. This content will not be covered during training and should be viewed at your convenience before the training session. Read More

In this course, learners will explore subject management workflows in Advarra EDC. They will learn how to add subjects to a protocol, check in visits, complete subject forms, and more.  Read More

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