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Advarra Participant Payments, or Participant Payments, is a solution to streamline remitting stipends and reimbursement to participants. Payments allows you to pay stipends in as few as three clicks. It also provides workflows for your financials team to review and approve transactions. Navigate through this module to learn more about what Payments has to offer.  The Overview eLearning module provides you with a brief look at: Paying participants Reviewing payments Reporting functionality Managing protocols & participants   Read More

Advarra Participant Payments simplifies the payment workflow. After a participant completes a visit, clinical research personnel are able to release funds in as little as three clicks to instantly pay the participant via a reloadable debit card, direct deposit, or check.   The entire process improves operational efficiency while empowering the participant to be a decision-maker.  In this module, you will explore how to navigate within Participant Payments.  Read More

Before Advarra Participant Payments can be used to pay participants for visits attended, protocols must be added to the application. In this module you will explore how to: Create protocols within Participant Payments Add protocol details Add visit details Establish reimbursement rules so that you can pay participants appropriately Read More

In order to pay a participant with Advarra Participant Payments, they must be added to the system and attached to a protocol. Once participants have been added, you can pay them immediately after a visit, survey, or phone call is completed. In this eLearning module, you will learn how to: Search for a participant within Participant Payments Add a participant to Participant Payments Establish a payment account Add the participant to a protocol Link a participant to a guardian account Troubleshoot account status messages Read More

There are several ways to troubleshoot participant account setup errors; one way is to use the Participant list. In this eLearning module, you will explore how to quickly find participants who are unable to receive payments as expected through Participant Payments.   Read More

Once participants have been added to a protocol and they have completed their visits, you are ready to check in the visits and submit their stipends and reimbursements through Participant Payments. In this eLearning module you will explore how to: Check in visits for the participant Submit stipends and reimbursements Add attachments to a visit Add unscheduled visits for the participant Read More

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