OnCore 2100: Online Certification - Financials - July 2023

14 modules


Advarra University



This course will be conducted virtually in March, July, and November 2023.  Attendees will be asked to participate in several instructor-led web training sessions and complete various pre/post-class activities during the four (4) days.

This course utilizes a blend of instructor-led training, eLearnings, independent activities, and other assignments.  Certification candidates must pass an exam and complete a hands-on build project within 30 days of attending the course. OnCore Certification is for users who already have a basic knowledge and familiarity with the application; candidates must know how to create and manage protocols and subjects in OnCore and have at least six (6) months of experience working in their organization’s OnCore environment.  This course covers the Charge Master, coverage analysis, budgeting, and post-award workflows.

Duration: Four (4) days of web-based training activities

Dates & time: Sessions are M-Th from 10 am CT - 1 pm CT

  • March 6-9
  • July 17-20
  • November 6-8

Course Topics:

  • The OnCore Charge Master
  • Coverage Analysis
  • Billing Designations and Supporting Designations
  • Setting Budget Parameters
  • Pre-Award Tasks
  • Post-Award Tasks
  • Sponsor Invoicing and Receipt Tracking



The primary target audience for OnCore Certification are those who will be responsible for managing and configuring the software, supporting end users, or building core components within OnCore (e.g. calendars, eCRFs, budgets, etc). Staff who need a comprehensive understanding of the system and a thorough knowledge of one or more OnCore modules will benefit from this training.

Upon completion of this course, Certification candidates should be able to:

  • Create a new event in the OnCore Charge Master
  • Update the OnCore Charge Master
  • Document Coverage Analysis and Set Billing Designations
  • Configure Study Budget Parameters
  • Budget for Protocol-Related and Subject-Related Costs
  • Choose Billable Milestones
  • Create Invoices for Study Sponsors
  • Track Sponsor Receipts


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Advarra Completion Certificate (No Expire)


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Course Overview
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Pre-class Questionnaire
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Monday Overview
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Monday Financials Assignment
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Tuesday Overview
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Tuesday Financials Assignment
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Wednesday Overview
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Wednesday Financials Assignment
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Thursday Overview
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Thursday Financials Assignment
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OnCore Financials Certification Project
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OnCore Charge Master Simulation
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OnCore Financials Certification Exam
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Post-class Survey
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Added 5 months ago, by Elaine
Added 5 months ago, by Jill
Added over 1 year ago, by Jon
Added over 1 year ago, by Ben
Added almost 2 years ago, by Julia
I really enjoyed the instructors - Erik and Steven were very personable, open to questions, etc. However, after taking the exam, I realized we really only covered very high-level topics. The exam covered things we never did (ie - reference lists vs. configuration). So, I felt the exam was WAY more difficult than what was covered and taught.
Added about 2 years ago, by Amy
Added over 2 years ago, by Cheryl
Added almost 4 years ago, by Anonymous
Answers not as simply to fine in the guide. The search should be a little better.
Added almost 4 years ago, by Nisha
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