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Advarra eReg includes a delegation of authority workflow where coordinators can assign users specific staff roles with associated tasks. These tasks can then be electronically signed using eReg in the same way that uploaded documents are. This eLearning module reviews the tasks for both setting up the delegation of authority workflow and signing off on tasks. Read More

This course covers an overview of the reports functionality within Advarra eReg; including how to run standard reports, parameters available, selecting output type (XLSX, CSV, etc.), queued tasks, and how to access the eReg Learning Portal.  Several standard reports are currently available with more to come in the future. This course is intended for new and existing eReg customers and all users with reports permissions. Learners should have knowledge or experience with eReg prior to attending. Before attending/viewing this course, please view/complete the eReg Navigation training to ensure familiarity with the eReg system. Read More

The purpose of this webinar is to review the following items within Advarra eReg.  Overview of Standard Roles available Create or Copy a Role Understand Permissions If you are currently using OnCore 15, you will most likely be familiar with Organizations within eReg as the functionality is very similar between the two applications. Read More

This eLearning module will help you to gain an understanding of how to track investigational new drugs that are linked to protocols in eReg. Read More

This learning path contains courses which review Advarra eReg functionality that is applicable to Principal Investigators.   Courses included in this curriculum are:  Advarra eReg: Navigation eLearning Advarra eReg: Setting & Resetting Your PIN eLearning Advarra eReg: Reviewing and Signing Documents Electronically eLearning Advarra eReg: Delegation of Authority eLearning Advarra eReg: Reports eLearning Read More

This module will discuss workflows related to subject source documents, including system configuration and adding the Subjects section to protocols. Read More

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