OnCore 2000: Online Certification - CRM & Admin - July 2023

12 modules


Advarra University



This course will be conducted virtually in February, July, and October 2023.  Attendees will be asked to participate in several instructor-led web training sessions and complete various pre/post-class activities during the three (3) days.

This course utilizes a blend of instructor-led training, eLearnings, independent activities, and other assignments.  Certification candidates must pass an exam and complete a hands-on build project within 30 days of attending the course. OnCore Certification is for users who already have a basic knowledge and familiarity with the application; candidates must know how to create and manage protocols and subjects in OnCore and have at least six (6) months of experience working in their organization’s OnCore environment.  This course covers protocols, basic calendars, subjects, and application configuration options.

Duration: Three (3) days of web-based training activities

Dates & times: All sessions10 am CT - 1 pm CT

  • February 27 - March 1
  • July 10 - 12
  • October 30 - November 1


The primary target audience for OnCore Certification are those who will be responsible for managing and configuring the software, supporting end users, or building core components within OnCore (e.g. calendars, eCRFs, budgets, etc). Staff who need a comprehensive understanding of the system and a thorough knowledge of one or more OnCore modules will benefit from this training.

Upon completion of this course, Certification candidates should be able to:

  • Create a new protocol record in OnCore
  • Add staff, sponsors, and treatment details to a protocol
  • Document committee reviews, give signoffs, and open a protocol for accrual
  • Build a basic protocol calendar
    • Create enumerated visits and cycle-based segments
    • Add free-text procedures and labs
    • Schedule procedures and labs to visits
    • Change visit descriptions and add visit tolerances
    • Add calendar footnotes
  • Register subjects to a protocol
  • Document subjects' consent and eligibility details
  • Change a subject's status to On Study, On Treatment, and On Follow Up
  • Document subject deviations and serious adverse events (SAEs)
  • Check in subject calendar visits
  • Configure the application for different types of users by creating or modifying:
    • Access Roles and Privileges
    • Libraries
    • Organizational Units, Management Groups, and Departments
    • Staff and User Records
    • Task List Templates
    • Reference Codes
  • Use the OnCore Learning Portal to find more information about fields, tools, and configuration options in OnCore


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Advarra Completion Certificate (No Expire)


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Monday Overview
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Monday Assignment
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Tuesday Overview
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Tuesday Assignment
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Wednesday Assignment
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OnCore CRM Certification Project
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OnCore CRM Certification Exam
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OnCore ADMIN Certification Project
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OnCore ADMIN Certification Exam
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I found this to be a great course. ALL trainer's presented the information in a very understandable manner. Thank you!
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